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RefPart NumberDescription# On DiagramPrice Per ItemQTY In BasketNotesDetails
1a420685317CRANKCASE ASS Yx1
3420632010CENTER PIN 8 X 12x5
4420929650DRIVE PIN 5 X 10x4
5420240170PLUG SCREW M18 X 1.5x1
6420641323PLUG SCREW M10 X 1x2
7420840657PLUG SCREW M12 X 1.5x1
8420229301LOCATION PINx3
9420233962BEARING SLEEVEx2
10420233965PLAIN BEARINGx2
12420650310OIL SEALx1
13420932780NEEDLE PINx1
15420440402FLANGED TORX SCREW M8 X 65x4
16420641258FLANGED TORX SCREW M6 X 35x1
17420440657FLANGED TORX SCREW M6 X 75x12
18420224720VALVE PLATEx1
19420224725REED VALVE STOPx1
20420641048FLANGED TORX SCREW M6 X 16x3
21420929670DOWEL PIN 10 X 13x1
25a420612128PTO COVER ASS Yx1
26420233995BEARING SLEEVEx2
27420631933OIL SEALx1
28420641323PLUG SCREW M10 X 1x1
29420256332HOSE NIPPLEx1
30420641258FLANGED TORX SCREW M6 X 35x14
31420950141SEALING RINGx1
32420440852FLANGED TORX SCREW M8 X 16x1
33420081066LONG BLOCK, 800R EFIx1
B293800060LOCTITE 243, 10 MLx1
C219703000LOCTITE 648, 10 MLx1