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RefPart NumberDescription# On DiagramPrice Per ItemQTY In BasketNotesDetails
1420250640COPPER WASHERx1
2420841924PLUG SCREW M12 X 1.5x1
3420256322OIL SIEVEx1
4420210661COVER SIEVEx1
5420941925TAPPING SCREW M5 X 16x2
6420256188OIL FILTERx1$18.45
8420612132OIL FILTER COVERx1$54.35
9420641238FLANGED TORX SCREW M6 X 25x3
12420256802OIL DIPSTICKx1
13a420434307IDLE GEAR ASS Y, 28 TEETHx1
16420430555OIL SEALx1
17420256348OIL PUMP ROTORx1
18420232731NEEDLE PINx1
19420237059OIL PUMP SHAFTx1
20420210641OIL PUMP COVERx1
21420640823TORX SCREW M5 X 16x3
22420827590THRUST WASHERx1
23420232431NEEDLE PINx1
24420434320OIL PUMP GEAR, 33 TEETHx1
26420434300IDLE GEAR, 38 TEETHx1
B293800060ADHESIVE LOCTITE 243x1