Everyone loves the Honda Monkey. The original Monkey was a 1960’s hit; add a few decades of evolution, throw in a couple of bananas and you get Honda’s genuinely iconic mini-bike re-imagined for the present day. With styling that draws heavily on the original, complemented by modern, premium touches such as USD forks, twin rear shocks, LCD instruments, IMU-based ABS and full LED lighting. Wet weight is a mere 104kg. The Monkey was so much fun and so easy to ride, it did more to sell the concept of motorcycles to a wider public than perhaps any other machine. With its chunky tyres, mini-‘ape’ style handlebars, miniscule fuel tank and big, squashy seat the Monkey look is unmistakably of its time, but – just like the affection in which it is held – also timeless. Who doesn’t want a pocket-sized town run-around with the Monkey name and iconic, reborn and ready for life in the 21st century city.

Fuel efficient

124cc horizontal, single-cylinder engine with PGM-FI

Premium rugged finishes

Chrome detailing on a steel frame

Easy to handle

Lightweight at just 104kg plus easy to handle with a low 776mm seat height

Iconic monkey charm

Chunky tyres, mini-‘ape’ style handlebars, peanut shaped fuel tank and big, squashy seat


Five-speed transmission

Sure, the Monkey is cute, but its four-speed transmission gives you all the durability, control and efficiency of a conventional motorcycle.

Hydraulic disc brakes and ABS

The Monkey’s single 220mm front disc and 190mm rear provide secure stopping performance, managed by the IMU-based ABS. Our Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) can be a big help in making controlled stops in less-than-ideal conditions, like on wet pavement or other compromised surfaces. It’s a great choice whether you’re using your new bike as a commuter or just riding it for fun, since it helps you stop with added confidence.

125cc fuel-injected engine

Nobody can match Honda’s reputation for engines, and even though the Monkey may be compact, this single-overhead-cam design is a giant in terms of performance and reliability. The Monkey’s power unit is true to its origins, the horizontal SOHC 124cc single-cylinder engine is simple, robust and tuned to deliver useful about-town performance. Air-cooled, with bore and stroke of 50 × 63.1mm and compression ratio of 10.0:1, fed by PGM-FI.

LED lighting

The Monkey’s round chrome headlight looks retro, but its performance is totally up to date and provides superior illumination and visibility, as does the compact LED taillight, shining bright and clear.

Fuel efficient

With its 5.6L fuel tank and awesome fuel efficiency, the Monkey may be small, but it lets you ride far on every tank.


Rugged frame

The Monkey’s steel backbone frame has been tuned for a suitable balance between rigidity and supple feel – perfect for the wide variety of conditions the machine is sure to be ridden in. Oval in cross-section, the swingarm echoes the circular design theme that runs through the bike.

Inverted fork suspension

Here’s a huge improvement over the original Monkey bike: like a top-of-the-line sportbike, the Monkey features an inverted hydraulic fork front suspension for control and road feel. USD front forks wear a premium Alumite finish and are matched by dual rear shocks with 102mm of axle travel. Maximum ground clearance is 175mm.

Twin rear shocks

The Monkey 125 has twin rear shocks. Combined with the fat tyres and cushy seat, they smooth out the roughest pavement in the urban jungle.

Easy to park

Thanks to the Monkey’s miniature stature, it’s easy to park in the city and to store when you’re not riding. There’s always room for a Monkey!

12-inch wheels and chunk tyres

The Monkey’s high-aspect-ratio tyres do more than just look cool. They’re extraordinarily practical, giving you tons of grip and absorbing bumps or rough road surfaces. Tough and strong, the cast wheels are just what the urban rider needs.

High-rise handlebar

Sure, the Monkey may be small, but we sized it to fit adult riders. Case in point—check out the high-rise handlebar, so you can sit up and check out the world as you ride.

Low seat height

At just 776mm, the Monkey’s super-low seat makes it easy to flat-foot it while parking or while you’re stopped at traffic lights.

Multi-function digital display

Retro meets modern in the Monkey’s instrument cluster. The round housing is totally 1960s, while the display features speedometer, odometer, tachometer, A&B trip meters, fuel gauge, and indicator for low/high beam. It even greets you when you first start the bike!

Monkey Specs

  • Brakes

  • Brakes (F)

    1× 190mm disc, ABS

  • Brakes (R)

    1× 190mm disc

  • Suspension

  • Front Adjustability


  • Front Suspension Type

    31mm inverted telescopic fork

  • Front Wheel Travel (mm)


  • Rear Adjustability


  • Rear Suspension Type

    twin shocks

  • Rear Wheel Travel (mm)


  • Capacities

  • Fuel Capacity (L)


  • Dimensions

  • Wheelbase (mm)


  • Ground Clearance (mm)


  • Overall Height (mm)


  • Overall Length (mm)


  • Overall Width (mm)


  • Seat Height (mm)


  • Weights

  • Kerb Weight (kg)


  • Engine

  • Bore & Stroke (mm)

    50 × 63.1

  • Compression Ratio

    10.0 : 1

  • Cylinders


  • Displacement (cc)


  • Engine Type

    Air-cooled 4-stroke

  • Fuel System

    Fuel Injection

  • Starter


  • Valves


  • Transmission

  • Transmission


  • Drive


  • Tyres

  • Tyres (F)


  • Tyres (R)


  • Warranty

    12 months

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