The CT125 joins the Monkey and the Super Cub as the latest model of old to get a modern-day re-vamp. Born as a concept, the new-era CT125 received so much attention, it was an easy decision to move it into production for the world to enjoy. Based off the iconic CT110 – a legendary Honda machine more commonly known as the ‘Postie’ bike – the CT125 boasts a 125cc, 1-cyl, 4-stroke engine, electric Start, ABS, LED lighting and a digital display. An ode to the postie of old, you can take it for a weekend cruise or use it as a commuter, its designed to be as versatile as the original – for work or play. Its nostalgic charm is certain to turn heads anywhere it goes

Legendary Honda quality

CT Lineage: Aussie posties have been using them for decades

User friendly

Clutch-less with kick and electric start


Front and rear disc brakes with ABS

For a weekend cruise or daily commute

Powerful 124cc, air-cooled, SOHC, single-cylinder engine


Intake an exhaust

The CT125 adopts its own exclusive intake and exhaust system, in which the positioning of the air cleaner and muffler has been changed from those of the other current Super Cub series models. This enables the tuning of the exhaust duct calibre and shape with a longer intake length provided, and thus ensures an articulate pulse of the vehicle and makes the throttle really easy-to-use.

Relaxed touring or daily commute

The CT125’s engine output characteristics focus on versatility. Offering a powerful dynamism of the mid/low speed range; ensuring an enjoyable riding experience for longer cruising as well as comfort in stop-and-go traffic on city roads. The engine is tuned to offer enough punch for uphill riding too thanks to the new 39T driven sprocket, even if riding with luggage. From punch to consistent smooth city riding, the CT125 offers agile performance, smooth clutch less riding and easy starting with both kick-start and electric start options available.


The CT125 is equipped with disc brakes for both front and rear wheels. A 220mm disc for the front and 190mm for the rear, offer adequate braking power even when you’ve got luggage on the back. There is also front wheel anti-lock brake system (ABS) for added safety.


The CT125 chassis has been designed to adapt to a broader variety of situations and a broad variety of riders. It’s based on the common Super Cub chassis package, so its nimble and easily controlled but with an increased wheel base, seat height and upswept handlebar. All of these ensure you get better visibility so on your longer tours, you have great visibility and can enjoy more of the scenery in front of you.


Thanks to the CT125s large rear carry rack, the rear frame has been extended, by ensuring that the new head pipe and its surroundings have been reinforced, as well as focusing on the improvement of stability while riding on gravel roads. The frame has been optimized to meet the right balance between rigidity and flexibility to handle various traffic conditions including city streets or gravel roads.


The CT125 provides enhanced traveling and cornering stability with the adoption of the same type of top bridge and telescopic suspension commonly used for a regular motorcycle. Front suspension stroke has been increased to 110mm, up 10mm compared to the Super Cub C125, making gravel road riding a lot more comfortable.



Keeping it classic

The 3D signature Honda Old Wing logo is used on this modern day CT125, echoing the original styling of the traditional series, like the Super Cub C125 and Monkey 125, the drop-shadow Honda logo-reminiscent of the former CT-is attached on the main pipe on both right and left sides of the bike. The CT125 is available in two colour options: GLOWING RED and MATTE FRESCO BROWN

Echoes of the past

LED lights

All lighting on the CT125 is LED which makes them energy saving and ultra-durable. The large square indicators are a modern take on the original style CT lighting design.

Economical fuel tank

With a fuel tank capacity of 5.3L, coupled with Honda’s fuel efficient air-cooled 4-stroke engine, you’ll enjoy a very decent cruising range so you can spend longer enjoying the ride and scenery before having to stop and re-fuel.

Large rear carry rack

The rear carrier which is 409mm wide and 477mm in length allows you to carry a variety of goods – tools, equipment or groceries.

Tandem step

Tandem steps are mounted to the CT125 to prevent you bumping your foot against the upper muffler and gives a little extra space or foot room.

Digital meter

Retro in style, modern in function. The compact digital instrument cluster features speedometer, odometer, A&B trip meters and fuel gauge.

CT125 Specs

  • Brakes

  • Brakes (F)

    1x disc, ABS

  • Brakes (R)

    1x disc

  • Suspension

  • Front Adjustability


  • Front Suspension Type

    Telescopic Fork

  • Front Wheel Travel (mm)


  • Rear Adjustability


  • Rear Suspension Type

    Twin shocks

  • Rear Wheel Travel (mm)


  • Capacities

  • Fuel Capacity (L)


  • Dimensions

  • Wheelbase (mm)


  • Ground Clearance (mm)


  • Overall Height (mm)


  • Overall Length (mm)


  • Overall Width (mm)


  • Seat Height (mm)


  • Weights

  • Kerb Weight (kg)


  • Engine

  • Bore & Stroke (mm)

    52.4 × 57.9

  • Compression Ratio


  • Cylinders


  • Displacement (cc)


  • Engine Type

    Air cooled, 4-stroke

  • Fuel System

    Fuel Injection

  • Starter

    Electric and kick

  • Valves


  • Transmission

  • Transmission


  • Drive


  • Tyres

  • Tyres (F)


  • Tyres (R)


  • Warranty

    24 months

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