The Honda Fireblade first rocked the Superbike world when it was introduced 30 years ago. Today, the street legal, but track ready, 2022 model CBR1000RR-R SP is the best of the best, the most exclusive, feature-rich open-class sport bike Honda has ever built. The engine delivers the performance you need, where you need it, while the chassis and electronics generate huge grip. The speed and the handling confidence the aerodynamics deliver is incredible. You and your bike, as one. It’s where you both belong.

Race spec handling

43mm Ohlins NPX front fork, Ohlins Object Based Tuning interface (OBTi), 3-level Honda Electronic Steering Damper (HESD)

Track technology

Throttle By Wire, Honda Selectable Torque Control, QuickShifter, Smart Key, Six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

Pure power

Max Power Output: 160kw 14,500rpm and Max Torque: 113Nm 12,500rpm

HRC pedigree

RCV213V-spec bore and stroke, Aerodynamic MotoGP race spec Winglets

Key features

1000cc inline 4-cylinder engine

The 1000cc, inline 4-cylinder semi-cam gear engine was designed with heavy input from the HRC MotoGP development program. It shares the same ‘over square’ 81mm bore and 48.5mm stroke as the RC213V. There is significant peak power and torque, while the updated shape of the intake ports gives better midrange performance, a real benefit when exiting corners.

High performance brakes

Brembo monobloc 4-piston radial-mount brake calipers use less internal fluid volume for more immediate reaction. Operated by Brembo brake lever and master cylinder, they ensure massive braking power. The rear Brembo brake caliper is the same design used by the RC213V. Two ABS modes are available: SPORTS, biased toward road riding, and TRACK, that ups braking force for much higher speeds. Brake force is also managed relative to lean angle so you can concentrate on getting in, and out, of a corner faster.

Electronic suspension

Using separated compression, rebound circuits and stepper motors to adjust damping, the Semi-active Ohlins S-EC 43mm NPX USD forks have been developed for racing use to offer precise front tyre feedback and grip. It is matched by an Ohlins TT36 S-EC rear shock. To provide maximum control you can work from default Ohlins Objective Tuning Base interface (OBTi) setting with 3, instantly selectable pre-set modes to completely change your set-up allowing for reduced fuel load, tyre wear, or track conditions.


The standard up and down quicshifter has been developed for more speed gained with every gear change, with shorter fuel cut and smoother torque pick-up.

The latest go-fast technology

3 default riding modes offer base settings to work from, and via the 5-inch TFT screen, you can customise engine power, engine braking and wheelie control. Feedback from our HRC racers was used to update the 9-level Honda Selectable Torque Control. It’s smooth, more responsive to throttle input and makes good use of the engine’s extra low- and mid-range acceleration. We’ve also reduced the Throttle By Wire (TBW) return spring load to give even more linearity as you wind on the gas.

Titanium muffler

The 4-2-1 exhaust system employs oval section downpipes for maximum gas flow and power. It feeds a compact titanium Akrapovic muffler that offers free-flowing output efficiency, boosting torque at lower revs and increasing horsepower at higher rpm.

30th anniversary limited edition

To celebrate the original, ground-breaking Fireblade, a Limited Edition colour is available for the 2022 model. Designed by Mr. Hiroaki Tsukui, also responsible for the original 1992 colour design, it is instantly recognisable. All the details are present, combining the modern feel of today with “brushstroke” style elements that pay clear homage to the seminal original, including the blue seat. Other details include “30th Anniversary logo on the fuel tank cover, muffler and key fob.

Compact chassis

The light-weight aluminium frame has 2mm thick wall sections, fine tuning both vertical and torsional rigidity for better feel and performance. The short wheelbase delivers super-responsive handling, while the long swingarm with reduced rigidity offers improved traction on the track, and the crankshaft is positioned for better front/rear balance with a rider onboard.

CBR1000RR-R SP Specs

  • Brakes

  • Brakes (F)

    2× 330mm discs, ABS

  • Brakes (R)

    1× 220mm disc, ABS

  • Suspension

  • Front Adjustability

    preload (manual) compression and rebound (electronic)

  • Front Suspension Type

    43mm inverted telescopic fork

  • Front Wheel Travel (mm)


  • Rear Adjustability

    preload (manual) compression and rebound (electronic)

  • Rear Suspension Type

    single shock

  • Rear Wheel Travel (mm)


  • Capacities

  • Fuel Capacity (L)


  • Dimensions

  • Wheelbase (mm)


  • Ground Clearance (mm)


  • Overall Height (mm)


  • Overall Length (mm)


  • Overall Width (mm)


  • Seat Height (mm)


  • Weights

  • Kerb Weight (kg)


  • Engine

  • Bore & Stroke (mm)

    81 × 48.5

  • Compression Ratio

    13.4 × 1

  • Cylinders

    Inline 4

  • Displacement (cc)


  • Engine Type

    Liquid-cooled 4-stroke

  • Fuel System

    Fuel Injection

  • Starter


  • Valves


  • Transmission

  • Transmission


  • Drive


  • Tyres

  • Tyres (F)


  • Tyres (R)


  • Warranty

    24 months

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